Pyro sulfate

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    Over 90% Time Saving for Microwave Ashing
    Determination of ash content is an important test performed daily in thousands of laboratories worldwide whether for process control or for preparation of other analytical processes.
    While ashing is a relatively simple process, conventional muffle furnaces are often inefficient, leading to tedious and time-consuming procedures. The invention of microwave furnace for dry ashing applications has represented a breakthrough in the process and quality control of samples like polymers, petroleum, food and feeds, pulp paper and pharmaceuticals. Unique design of PYRO microwave muffle furnace ashing system eliminates equipment corrosion and acid fume pollution, greatly reducing analyst exposure to acid fumes. PYRO ashing furnace ensures usage of all available crucibles including metal, porcelain and quartz fiber. In particular, the unique Milestone UltraFAST quartz fiber crucibles are perfectly suitable for microwave diffuser and further acceleration of suphate ashing process.